Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chinese Prefold Diapers

These true Chinese prefold are the most economical yet versatile cloth diaper. They are a large 100% cotton, twill weave and unbleached cloth that is soft, durabile, absorbent and resistant to pilling. You can choose between red or green stitching. They are used with a diaper cover.

The prefold diaper offers a lot of variety for a snug fit. You can fold them different ways to accommodate size of babe and the focal area of wetness (for sleeping, or while awake). You put a cover over them, and they are an affordable alternative for those newborn days.
The one down side to a pocket diaper, is that they don't have a layer of fleece or suede that wicks away the moisture from the baby's skin. Some moms have cut pieces of fleece to address this issue. Note: not all fleece is created to absorb - some might just have the moisture bead right off of it and run out the legs.

12 Chinese Prefold with free package of nappy fasteners $19.00!!
1 diaper cover $4.50

PACKAGE DEAL: 1 pack of 12 prefold diapers with nappy fasteners & 12 diaper covers $68.50 - that's 1 free cover!!!

I have posted a few quick videos below that show some different ways to fold them.

Prefold 101
Prefold 102
Prefold 103

Friday, May 27, 2011

Product/Business Highlight

Hello my two followers ;)

As seen in the name of my business, I am huge fan of quality, affordable products. To launder my clothes and cloth diapers, I am "sold" on the soap exchange detergent. It is Canadian made (woo hoo!) and has no fillers, comes in unscented or a light lemon scent (which I love) and it is great value for a great price (especially the more you buy).
Here's the link to the Victoria Soap Exchange where you can see/read about their other enviro perks as well.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Fun - Toys from Household Items

Just for "Wedensday Fun" please comment and share what household items have been turned into toys!

My contributions: the circular tins of tea make a great gong sound if a couple of pebbles get thrown in.

Please share your stories!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have a domain name! www.affordablebabygear.ca now belongs to us! Now I just need to get my logo finished, and get the products and e-commerce set up. This is very exciting. It's like my new baby, but this one doesn't throw stuff at me in the high chair, get snot on all my clothes, and kick me while getting changed. BUuuut, this one also doesn't have the sweetest personality and the cutest little face I have ever seen.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our "Baby" is Born

Welcome to the Affordable Baby Gear company blog. We are just revving our engines, setting our main site with payment options, posting all of our merchandise, getting the word out!

Our main product is a nice selection of great quality cloth diapers. They are mainly pocket diapers, and we have velcro and snap options, chinese pre-folds and some cloth diaper accessories.

We will also be carrying some super cool headbands and necklaces for the tiny ladies, an enviro-friendly potty, and other sweet treats. We are sourcing out very cool gear that we can sell to you at extremely affordable prices - because that is our goal: to make cool, useful gear available to all moms!

Please let us know contact us with comments, feedback, advice, product reviews, etc. whenever you have the time (in between potty training, feeding, damage control and most importantly, administering love and affection)!