Friday, August 26, 2011

Stripping Diaper Funk

All cloth diapering parents will eventually complain about a funky smell that they can't seem to wash out of their diapers. It goes beyond the ammonia smell of pee - it's a smell that as soon as the baby pees in the diaper, makes it seem like the diaper was not even clean to begin with!

I have scoured the website, and explored numerous options and found success in this:
Degreasing for Stripping as well as LOTS of water!

Stripping is the term used for a process that parents will use every few months to strip their diapers of all (potential) build ups of detergents and build ups of human waste.

Urine especially, has a greasy component to it that is not commonly removed by detergents - including the chemical based kinds. Detergents are made to dissolve dirt and clean cloth, but detergents are not strong degreasers.

Their is a tip on the web to use Dawn - that detergent has a degreasing component, and since it is a chemical based detergent, it should be used VERY infrequently.

Anyone who is familiar with my blog, knows that I love the Soap Exchange and they have a product that is a fabulous degreaser and non-toxic. It is their All-Purpose Solution (so fabulous you can use it to clean your whole house too!).

Here is how I strip my diapers:

Step 1 - COLD wash no detergent
Step 2 - HOT wash with 2 Tbps or 3 capfuls of All Purpose Cleaner
Step 3 - A full rinse cycle (warm, hot, cold doesn't matter, though hot is best)
Step 4 - dry your diapers as per usual.

Check it out and give me your feedback!