Monday, October 31, 2011

Dry Pail vs. Soaking

So, when stockpiling dirty diapers before laundry day, what do you do with them? Do you put them in a pail with some kind of solution or vinegar or do you just throw them in a bag or bucket?

PLEASE - do a dry pail.

Soaking: this is an antiquated method that makes one feel like they are making a step toward cleaning the diapers - but it is actually creating a breeding ground for bacterial growth. The amount of sanitizing solution - or vinegar needed to keep the bacteria away is so much, it isn't worth the effort.

Dry Pail: not only is this a more sanitary option, it is also EASIER. Take a soiled diaper of any kind, throw it in a pail and put a (non-air tight) lid on it. Don't leave them for more than 3 days. If a diaper is really soiled (either with pee or poo), you can hand rinse it in a sink and wring it out really well and stick it in the dry pail.

Tip 1: A diaper sprayer on your toilet can help eliminate unwanted crusties. I recommend taking the inserts out of a pocket diaper before make it a big soppy mess.

Tip 2: Flushable liners that you lie in the pocket diaper are a really nice way to deal with the majority of the poop. (I sell these, of course)

Tip 3: My favorite new step in dealing with dirty diapers - the RINSE CYCLE! After 2 days, I throw all the diapers in and do a quick rinse/spin cycle and throw them back in the diaper pail - it buys me some time and the pail doesn't get quite as stinky.

Stinky diaper pail: they sell sprays to eliminate odors, and cleaning after laundry day is a good idea and if you are using a diaper pail liner, you can wash it - so that's nice. My tip is have some kind of non-toxic room spray in your laundry room. After every time I open the lid, I give a spritz or too and the odor goes away really quick.

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