Sunday, June 12, 2011

Diaper Package only $180!!

I am SO excited about this diaper package. First of all, the fact that I can say to someone: "You can cloth diaper your baby, for less than $200, including some bells and whistles" is incredible to me!! I love that! So I have an incredible package deal for anyone that is interested having a great stash of various styles of diapers. All of these are winners, so the variety is not a compromise!
This will be the same list for the rental package (except a couple of the items will need to be purchased for you to keep - the diaper liners and the soap bar). More details about that coming soon. Please give us feedback if there is something else you want to see in this package.

2 Kawaii (KA) Cotton Chinese Prefolds (includes 1 Nappy Fastener FREE)
2 KA Bamboo Minky: Mom Label
2 KA Goodnight Heavy Wetter One Size Pocket Diaper
2 KA One Size Heavy Duty Pocket Diaper Suede Cloth Inner
2 KA One Size Snap Closure Pocket Diaper - Fun Print Snap
2 KA One Size Snap Closure Pocket Diaper - Original Cross-Over Squared Tab Snap
2 KA One Size Snap Closure Pocket Diaper: Round Tab Snap
2 KA One Size Snazzy Minky Pocket Diaper
2 KA Pure & Natural (0-15 Months) Pocket Diaper
2 KA Training Pants
2 KA Diaper covers

(Kawaii pocket diapers come with 2 free inserts, Comfyrumps 1 free insert)
1 AMP Hemp booster
1 AMP Hemp 3 fold
2 Thirsties Hemp/Cotton insert or 1 3 fold AMP Bamboo or 2 KA Bamboo boosters

1 AppleCheeks diaper liners
FREE Bunchafarmers stain-free soap bar
FREE - sample of Soap Exchange detergent (4 loads, top loader; 2 loads, front loader)

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  1. How do I order Kawaii One Size Original Cross Overs from you??