Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cloth Diaper Mythbusters/ Excusebusters!

I will be posting a series on Cloth Diapering Myths. Shoot me your questions and I can see if it fits the category and get you an answer! I want to demonstrate that there are no viable barriers to switching to cloth!!

Myth #1 - the start up costs are very high!

False! Affordable Baby Gear got started for this reason alone. 2-3 months worth of disposable diapers will get you into cloth no problem. The buy 15 and get a free gift deal is enough to do cloth, and the $170 diaper package is all you would ever need and some of the bells and whistles that make it a little easier.

Myth #2 - it will make my already busy life more complicated!

False! There are the same number of diaper changes in a day with a good quality cloth that you have with a disposable. Unlike disposables, if a baby poops, and you have a liner and clear the poop, if they haven't peed, you can keep using the diaper. The only real lifestyle change is the laundry, and it is SO much simpler than one thinks. Because I have a child, I do laundry every 2-3 days anyways, so it hasn't changed my laundry habits, it's just one extra load on laundry day.

Myth #3 - using cloth diapers when you go out is inconvenient and messy.

False! First of all, babies often get to a stage where they can go quite awhile without a change. I know of lots of babies that poop during a nap, so they don't always have a poop when they are out. I haven't had to change my daughter on a trip out in months! Anyway, even if you do, change the diaper as per usual, tuck it in a small wet bag, throw it in your diaper bag and deal with it when you get home. It's not a stress or an inconvenience any more than changing a cloth diaper at home.

Myth #4 - my baby will get a rash.

Not unless you are using the cloth diapers incorrectly. Cloth diapers need to be washed with only certain types of detergents (you can use them on all your clothes, and they don't have to be an expensive buy), so if the diapers have a build up of any type of detergent, especially the chemical-based ones, it can cause a rash. It can also cause a rash to have a baby in a wet or soiled diaper for too long - just like disposables. As well, most disposables have had harsh chemicals used to make them, so they are often a worse offender for rashes.

More coming soon.... Let me know what your concerns are and we will see if they are myth or fact!

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