Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thoughts for New Parents:

Listen to your instincts. They rarely betray you. Plus, living with NOT listening to your gut is never fun.

Listen to the advice of others but know you don’t have to use it. A well-intended friend or stranger might just be the thing to give you the resources you need to be a better parent. Or, it might simply be a way to connect with someone through their experiences.

Discern when “advice” is really criticism. Have the grace to forgive and not take it to heart.

This is your turn! We can make choices for our families that work best for us practically, and that bring us the most joy and reward. Others have had or will have their own turns, so we don’t have to make the exact choices that they made, even if they are our own parents.

Go easy on yourself. Make plans and have ideals of how you would like to create and love a family but don’t be disappointed if you respond differently to certain circumstances. There are no perfect parents.

In my life, the key is to put God first, and in His wisdom and love I will create an atmosphere of peace and exuberant joy in my home that my children will always remember.