Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chinese Prefold Diapers

These true Chinese prefold are the most economical yet versatile cloth diaper. They are a large 100% cotton, twill weave and unbleached cloth that is soft, durabile, absorbent and resistant to pilling. You can choose between red or green stitching. They are used with a diaper cover.

The prefold diaper offers a lot of variety for a snug fit. You can fold them different ways to accommodate size of babe and the focal area of wetness (for sleeping, or while awake). You put a cover over them, and they are an affordable alternative for those newborn days.
The one down side to a pocket diaper, is that they don't have a layer of fleece or suede that wicks away the moisture from the baby's skin. Some moms have cut pieces of fleece to address this issue. Note: not all fleece is created to absorb - some might just have the moisture bead right off of it and run out the legs.

12 Chinese Prefold with free package of nappy fasteners $19.00!!
1 diaper cover $4.50

PACKAGE DEAL: 1 pack of 12 prefold diapers with nappy fasteners & 12 diaper covers $68.50 - that's 1 free cover!!!

I have posted a few quick videos below that show some different ways to fold them.

Prefold 101
Prefold 102
Prefold 103

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